Your kindness makes a difference for homeless pets

Whether you donate, volunteer your time, foster a pet in your home or advocate for animals here in Atlanta, you can make a lifesaving difference.

In 2021, about 355,000 dogs and cats were killed in shelters in Atlanta and nationwide, just because they didn’t have safe places to call home. You can help change that by volunteering, fostering and advocating for homeless pets in Atlanta.

Our community-based sheltering relies on the support of people in and around Atlanta to open their homes to dogs and cats for a short time until they’re ready to move in with adopters.

We also help support the community cat population by working with Good Mews, a local group that helps Atlanta residents with cat-related issues.

Donate: make a gift to save lives

When you make a gift to the animals, you’ll be helping to save the lives of homeless pets in Atlanta and around the country.

Your contribution supports our lifesaving work and helps shelters across the nation to achieve no-kill. Your generosity ensures lifesaving second chances. Your compassion helps to Save Them All.

Volunteer: give your time

You can provide hope and happiness to homeless pets by volunteering.

For animals here in Atlanta waiting for a family of their very own, your gifts of love, time and companionship make a lifesaving difference. No matter what your interest or talents, we have a volunteer opportunity for you.

Foster: open your heart and home

When you foster a cat or dog in Atlanta, you’re not only providing a safe and loving place for a pet to thrive and grow, but you’re also creating space for another pet to be rescued.

Fostering an adoptable animal in your home, even for just a few nights, is a great way to help save a homeless pet’s life.

Advocate: create positive change

You have the power to create positive change for the animals in your community. Join the Atlanta 2025 Action Team or start your own today.

You can expand pet-friendly housing, provide resources for local community cats and kittens and their caregivers, and make sure people can share their lives with any dog they choose, regardless of breed.