Ledy VanKavage

Ledy VanKavageSenior Legislative Attorney

Ledy VanKavage is the senior legislative attorney for Best Friends and the current chair of the Illinois State Bar Association's animal law section. Before coming to Best Friends, Ledy was the senior director of legislation and legal training for the ASPCA. She spearheaded the passage of more than 35 humane state bills during her lobbying tenure and is also a past chair of the American Bar Association's Animal Law Committee.

Ledy was the recipient of the ABA's Excellence in Animal Law Award for 2014. She is a co-author of the U.S. Department of Justice publication "The Problem of Dog Related Incidents and Encounters" and is an instructor for the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board. She has been interviewed on MSNBC and NPR, and by the Chicago Tribune, Time magazine and the New York Times.