Michelle Sathe

Michelle SathePublic Relations & Marketing Strategist

Michelle Sathe is a public relations and marketing strategist with Best Friends. Based in Kanab, Utah, Michelle is responsible for elevating the visibility of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and the Best Friends Roadhouse, as well as promoting the national work and leadership of the organization.

Previously based in Los Angeles, Michelle promoted the NKLA (No-Kill Los Angeles) initiative led by Best Friends and the organization’s work in the Pacific region (California, Hawaii, Alaska, Oregon and Washington). Michelle also works with the national PR team on strategy and outreach for organization-wide media campaigns.

Before transitioning to the nonprofit world, Michelle was a journalist, producer, freelance writer and publicist. She is also the author of Pit Stops and Pit Stops 2, which chronicle cross-country road trips with homeless pit bull terrier mixes from the Los Angeles area.