Adopt a pet to help save lives

When you adopt a homeless pet from a shelter or rescue group in Los Angeles, you’re saving the life of a loving and loyal animal.

You’re also making space for other pets to find families of their own. And that’s huge. By adopting, you are part of a historic change in how our country regards pets in shelters and you’re helping to Save Them All.

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We’ve moved!

As of January 1, 2023, we’ll no longer be operating out of our Mission Hills location and all adoptions will be taking place at our West L.A. location only.
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Looking to meet fabulous pets in Los Angeles?

There are so many dogs and cats just waiting for a best friend like you.

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Adoption fees and current specials

Looking to bring home someone special? Now's the perfect time to do it!

Dog Adoption Fees
Adoption fees for puppies under six months old are $150, and $100 for dogs six months and older. You can get started by filling out a Dog Matchmaking Survey.

Cat Adoption Fees
Adoptions fees for cats and kittens are $25. You can get started by filling out a Cat Matchmaking Survey.

Adoption fees are waived for any pet being treated for ringworm, a curable condition that’s easily remedied. 

We support our veteran and active military adopters by partnering with Pets For Patriots to provide fee-waived adoptions to those who qualify. Interested? You can get started by filling out an application.  

If you have questions about adopting a dog or cat, please email

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Two pets for one adoption fee. Applies to pairs of dogs over six months old, cats and kittens. 
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$5 for 55 discount

All pets five years and older are $5 for anyone 55 years or older. 

Adoption stories and “tails”

Feel all the feels with these stories of hope and healing.