Adopt a pet to help save lives

When you adopt a homeless dog or cat from a shelter or rescue group in New York City, you’re saving the life of a loving and loyal animal.

You’re also making space for other pets to find families of their own. And that’s huge. By adopting, you are part of a historic change in how our country regards pets in shelters and you’re helping to Save Them All.

Silhouette of two dogs, cat and kitten

Looking to meet fabulous pets in New York City?

There are so many dogs and cats just waiting for a best friend like you.

If you’re not sure where to start, we can help! Complete a cat adoption survey or dog adoption survey and we’ll guide you toward just the right pet for your home and lifestyle. An adoption specialist will be in touch with you within 48 hours by phone or email to talk about next steps.

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Adoption fees and current specials

Looking to bring home someone special? Now's the perfect time to do it!

Dog Adoption Fees
Adoption fees for dogs and puppies are $100.

Cat Adoption Fees
Adoptions fees for cats and kittens are $100.

New Years Cat
$14 Pet Adoptions all February!
Celebrate love all month long! Adopt any pet from our center during February for just $14.
Person holding a tiny kitten at New York City pet adoption event

Kitten adoption special

Adopt two kittens, and fees are waived on the second.
Happy cat playing in a sunny spot in SoHo pet adoption center

Adopt a senior pet

Fees are waived for all pets 8 and older.

Adoption stories and “tails”

Feel all the feels with these stories of hope and healing.