Help Orphan Puppies, Inc.

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Help Orphan Puppies, Inc. (HOP) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the rescue of dogs in need of loving homes. We specialize in pregnant dogs, moms with nursing babies, puppies and puppies with special needs.  We believe that all good dogs deserve good homes.   All HOP dogs are fostered in volunteer homes in order to ensure their health and well being. During the foster process, we evaluate each dog’s temperament and personality in order to select the best possible forever home. All dogs are treated by a vet and receive full medical care before being placed with an adoptive family. We strive to stay in contact with adoptive families to develop and expand a local community of dog lovers whose synergy and involvement will continue to benefit the community, our organization and the animals we serve.  We also provide community education programs to schools, groups, and colleges regarding animal cruelty prevention and the correct and humane treatment of companion animals."

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