The Underdog Railroad

The Underdog Railroad (Sacramento, California) | logo of yellow red train, smoke, dogs, heart collars, The Underground Railroad
The Underdog Railroad is a non-profit, volunteer based transport & rescue dedicated to transporting dogs from over crowded shelters & those at risk of going to a shelter to receiving shelters & rescues in areas that have room to care for them. Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, Montana & Wyoming are our primary destinations, although we focus our transports on Idaho & Utah. Since its inception in March of 2017, we have transported or sent to rescue over 1,000 dogs (5 kittens & 1 rabbit too) at an average cost of $10.48 per animal. We strive to use our donated dollars to the best of our abilities & thank you for your support of our mission of helping dogs out of over crowded CA shelters. The Underdog Railroad Website

Sacramento, CA 95818
United States