Pet Transport Services to Move a Pet

Looking for a pet transport service to move a dog, cat, or other pet from one location to another? There are both paid services and volunteer-based ones. Many volunteer pet transport services use multi-leg transports, which means there are several volunteers per transport and each volunteer drives one or more legs. While multi-leg transports can be a good option in many cases, the pets need to be comfortable interacting with strangers (and sometimes other pets) as they are transferred from vehicle to vehicle.

The following list of pet transport services is not comprehensive. Groups tend to form or discontinue without a lot of fanfare. For more options, try searching online using criteria such as "animal transport," and include the name of your state or destination state in your search.

Please note: The inclusion of a service, organization, or program in this listing is not an endorsement or recommendation. We have not checked them all out. Even if we attempted to do so, management and policies can change suddenly. We strongly suggest that you vet services yourself before using one.

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General pet transport services

Area-specific transport

Breed-specific transport

Local pet transport services

Many cities have "pet taxi" businesses that transport pets locally. Try searching for services in your area.

Paid moving companies

Paid air transport

The International Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA) has a list of companies that assist with air transport on its website.

International transport can assist with transports to and from other countries, and it offers a 10% discount to military personnel. This organization is rescue friendly and assisted with a major air transport for animals displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

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