How to Pick Up a Rabbit

If pet bunnies are not handled gently and often, they may not be comfortable with being picked up and cuddled. In addition, keep in mind that rabbits are prey animals, rather than predators, so naturally it can be scary for them to be handled.

Correctly picking up and holding a bunny

To properly pick up a rabbit, place one hand under the rabbit’s front armpits, place your other hand on the rump near the hind end, lift and hold the rabbit securely to your body. Make sure you are supporting the rabbit’s back at all times.

Step one in how to pick up a rabbit

Step two in how to pick up a rabbit

Dealing with rabbit kicking

One thing to keep in mind is that a bunny may kick when being picked up if he’s not comfortable with it. If your rabbit is not used to being picked up or you need to perform a butt bath, nail trim or scent gland cleaning, we recommend the lift-and-scoop method, so you are protecting not only the rabbit, but yourself as well.

Here’s how to do it: Starting with the same procedure described above, place one hand under the front armpits of the rabbit and your other hand on the rump area. Then, lift and turn the rabbit upside down, placing his head near your armpit, and using your forearm as a brace to protect the rabbit’s back. You will be holding the rabbit in almost the same way that you see a football player holding a football. With this hold position, you are protecting yourself from rabbit kicks but also protecting the rabbit from harming himself during procedures you may have to perform.

Step three in how to pick up a rabbit

Step four in how to pick up a rabbit