Volunteer Lillie Schlessinger with a small senior black dog on her lap sitting next to another person, both wearing NKLA T-shirt

Meet a matchmaking volunteer

June 28, 2021

Lillie Schlessinger started volunteering to fill time after retirement, but as she helps more and more pets find families, it’s become so much more

Man and a dog on a red cliff with a blue sky and white cloud behind them

8 ways to celebrate Best Friends Day

June 4, 2021

Reserve some time to celebrate Best Friends day by volunteering or fostering, adopting a pet or showing your appreciation for the staff at your local shelter

The face and top of body of the pelican

Group effort saves injured pelican

June 3, 2021

From the Utah Department of Natural Resources to Best Friends and on to another rehab facility, an American white pelican gets a second chance