5 amazing acts of animal-loving kindness

Woman hugging a black and white heeler type dog
These everyday heroes are making the world a better place for animals across the country.
By Jennifer Hayes

A 12-year-old Boy Scout makes a stretcher for an injured dog, neighbors come together to save a stray cat and a lost dog saves a family from a fire. These incredible stories, starring kindhearted heroes of all sorts, are sure to bring a smile (and some inspiration) to you.

Catch of the day

In Austin, Texas, Trapping, Rescue and Pet Recovery Service (TRAPRS) is accustomed to catching runaway dogs. But then TRAPRS received a report about a cat living in a storm drain. The cat’s collar had become stuck between her neck and leg. Volunteers Calene Summers and Tammy Wilkinson sprang into action and captured the kitty. There was no microchip, but a phone number was embroidered on the collar. The 19-year-old cat was reunited with her person, who has had Melmeow since she was nine years old.

Scout’s honor

Twelve-year-old David King recently lived up to his Boy Scouts oath to help other people at all times. David and his mom were returning from a 15-mile hike (to earn his hiking merit badge) in Aiea, Hawaii, when they came across a couple and their dog, Smokey, who was lying on the ground. Smokey’s paws were cut, so he couldn’t walk, and his people couldn’t manage his nearly 100-pound weight. David created a stretcher for Smokey from tree branches and T-shirts, a skill he learned while obtaining his first-aid merit badge, and everyone reached the parking lot safely.

It takes a village

When Fallon Phillips found an injured stray cat outside her home in Danville, Virginia, she brought him in and took him to a veterinary hospital the next day. But she was concerned about how to pay the veterinary bill. Even discounted, the charge to repair the cat’s broken leg and jaw was $2,669. A neighbor connected her with Jennifer Miller, who agreed to raise the funds. Jennifer was true to her word and raised even more through GoFundMe, donating the excess to their local animal shelter in Apollo the cat’s honor. Apollo was adopted by Fallon and is recovering. “He just purrs and purrs,” Fallon says.

The gift that keeps on giving

Marika Moffitt wanted to honor her late dog and heal her own broken heart on what would have been Kerouac’s 16th birthday. So, she purchased multiples of her dog’s favorite toys and treats and delivered them to 12 adoptable dogs at Homeward Pet Adoption Center in Woodinville, Washington. The dogs loved the goodies, and Marika created a new holiday tradition for herself.

Hot diggity dog

It’s not just those with two legs who perform random acts of kindness. A stray dog in a Virginia neighborhood began barking outside the Golloway home, alerting the family to a fire nearby. Thanks to the pup’s quick action, they were able to extinguish the flames before the house sustained much damage. Best of all, when firefighter Justin Stidham posted a photo of the hero dog on his social media page, it was seen by his family. The dog, named Cooper, had been missing for months and he was reunited with his people.

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