5 heartwarming stories from Best Friends Network partners

From amazing adoptions to helping out pregnant mothers (both canine and human), here are five stories from our network partners.
By Liz Finch

Every single day, Best Friends Network partners make a difference for animals in so many ways. With partners in all 50 states, there’s a lot of good news to share. Here are a few highlights from around the country.

Big news for Moby

Man and woman sitting down next to dog in front of sign saying how long Moby had been at the shelter

This goofy, snaggle-toothed boy spent 848 days at Brown County Humane Society in Indiana before he found his perfect family. While it was a bittersweet goodbye for the humane society staff, they are thrilled that Moby finally has the chance to live his best life in a loving home of his very own.

Corgi proves to be super mom

Mama corgi lying in a kiddie pool with a litter of pit bull terrier puppies she cared for

Sara, a pregnant Corgi, landed at Minnesota rescue group No Dog Left Behind after the puppy mill where she had lived her whole life deemed her “a bad mother.” But she proved to be quite the opposite. Not only did Sara tend lovingly to her own pups, she welcomed a litter of orphaned newborn pit bull puppies, too. Today, mom and babies have all been adopted.

Reaching both pets and people

Fluffy terrier-type dog standing next to bag of Iams dog food

As the pandemic and protests forced businesses in Chicago to shut down, One Tail at a Time executive director Heather Owen knew that many people, especially seniors, were struggling to feed themselves and their pets. By partnering with Mothers Against Senseless Killing and The Bloc, they provided pet and human supplies to 850 families in only six weeks.

Crisis care

Woman holding a newborn baby sitting on a couch next to Nae Nae, her pit-bull-type dog

Salt Lake City’s Ruff Haven Crisis Sheltering fills a niche by providing temporary pet sheltering services for people in crisis. The group recently helped a homeless pregnant woman by boarding her dog, Nae Nae, while the woman was giving birth. Mom Neisa, the new baby and Nae Nae are now all living in a home.

The new life of Pi

Orange and white cat lying with his head on a small black dog

Pi arrived at Stanislaus Animal Services Agency in California with his leg caught in a steel-jaw trap, but he quickly recovered after having it amputated. Pi has since been adopted and his new person says, “Sweetie Pi is now my daughter’s certified emotional support cat. He has brought her joy, happiness and a definite purpose. We are so grateful to him!”

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Photos by Molly Wald and courtesy of Brown County Humane Society, No Dogs Left Behind, One Tail at a Time, Ruff Haven Crisis Sheltering and Stanislaus Animal Services Agency