5 random acts of kindness toward animals

Person holding a small, happy dog in his/her arms
From a rugby team helping a dog in need to a horse whose paintings are helping former racehorses, these stories prove the power of kindness.
By Jennifer Hayes

Editor’s note: Kindness is powerful, and even the smallest act to help an animal, the planet or another person plants a seed for more good to come. That’s why Best Friends’ vision has always a better world through kindness to animals. Every day, animal lovers are making a difference through their actions, and we’re excited to share a few of their stories here.

Driven as a young man to help homeless pets

Braxton Louch donated 10 pounds of food to Anderson County PAWS in South Carolina when he was only nine years old, and he hasn’t looked back. This year was the eighth year that Braxton and his family hosted a benefit car show that raised $7,600 for the shelter, and his annual pet food drive at school collected 8,020 pounds. Now a high school senior, Braxton has become the largest private donor to the animal shelter.

Rugby team to the rescue

The St. Pius X High School rugby team came to the rescue when they saw a stray dog being attacked by two other dogs while the team was practicing in a park. They brought the pup to an emergency vet and started raising money for his care. They then connected with the Animal Justice League in Houston and team member Grant Stringfellow stepped in to foster Buster, who became the team’s beloved mascot.

A state trooper who’s looking out for squirrels

While out on patrol, a New York state trooper, LaVonte Lee, saw something in the road — two baby squirrels. Of course, he stopped and moved the youngsters to safety, placing them in what he assumed was their nest. Seemingly as thanks for saving their lives, the pair gave the trooper a few hugs.

Buy a lemonade, help a cat

Not many nine-year-olds have earned even close to $2,000, let alone decided to give it away; however, Ben Miller isn’t just any kid. About two years ago, he gave $200 to the Idaho Humane Society, a Best Friends Network Partner. Then he gave $600 and, most recently, $1,150. How is he raking in the big bucks? He’s selling lemonade, cookies and dog treats. Ben is doing it because he loves cats and wants all the shelter’s felines to have toys. He hopes to host the fundraiser again next year.

Horse’s paintings going like hotcakes

When Ron and Wendy Krajewski adopted ex-racehorse Metro, they had no idea he’d pick up a second occupation following his retirement. When they noticed his tendency to bob his head and hold things in his mouth, they gave him a paintbrush and canvas. Inspiration struck and the talented thoroughbred became a bestselling artist. The sale of Metro’s paintings has garnered more than $80,000, with half donated to the New Vocations Racehorse Adoption Program.

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