Five sweet updates from Best Friends Network partners

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By Liz Finch

From a puppy named Ray who scored a sweet gig keeping geese off the grounds at a country club in Parkersburg, Ohio, to a dog named Tala who recently joined the police department in Eatontown, New Jersey — we’ve got the scoop on all that’s happening at Network partners across the country. Here’s five updates to make your day.

1. Ray hits the links

Ray the black dog lying on the ground with mouth open in a smile

2020 turned out to be not such a bad year for a dog named Ray. The rambunctious puppy from the Humane Society of the Ohio Valley proved to be the perfect dog to keep geese off the grounds of the country club in Parkersburg, Ohio. A model employee, Ray also caught the attention of the Pedigree Foundation, which named him Rescue of the Year. This VIP (very important puppy) now patrols the golf course, though there’s no word on whether he’s learning to be a caddy.

2. Officer Tala at your service

Tala the dog standing in front of a group of people in front of the Monmouth County SPCA building

Tala, a husky from the Monmouth County SPCA, has joined the police department in Eatontown, New Jersey. She’s the first graduate of a pilot program at the SPCA that places dogs from shelters with local police departments to serve as emotional support animals.

3. Double rescue

Gertrude the brown and white dog wearing rainbow colored glasses that spell out the word "COOL"

Earlier this year, Gertrude had a happy reunion with her family after being lost for six months. Staff from Pasco County Animal Services in Florida found her wandering the streets near the shelter and took her in. And when Gertrude needed eyelid surgery, which her family couldn’t afford, the shelter picked up the tab.

4. Cindy Lou Who gets lucky

Cindy the brown tabby cat lying in a bed in the middle of a car tire

A two-year-old Maine coon cat found herself in a predicament when she managed to get stuck in a car engine. The Arizona Humane Society in Phoenix sprang into action and staff spent several hours working to free her.

[Cat’s beauty and love of life completely outshine her skin condition]

Although Cindy had a few injuries, vets were able to patch her up. This pretty girl didn’t last long at the shelter — she was quickly snatched up by a lucky family.

5. A nose for danger

Person holding Lily the calico polydactyl cat

When Cat Adoption Team board chair Sandi Martin adopted Lily, she knew the cat was special. After all, this young calico has 21 toes. But Sandi realized just how special Lily was after the clever cat sniffed out a dangerous gas leak in the Martin home. “It could have caused a fire or explosion,” Sandi says. “Lily saved our lives.”

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Photos courtesy of Humane Society of the Ohio Valley, Monmouth County SPCA, Pasco County Animal Services, Cat Adoption Team and Arizona Humane Society