Book review: ‘Animal Wayshowers’

Cover of the book, "Animal Wayshowers"
Take a thought-provoking look at how our animal companions have chosen to partner with us for growth in an evolving world.
By Sally Rosenthal

Animal Wayshowers: The Lightworkers Ushering in 5D Consciousness by Tammy Billups. Inner Traditions, 2022. Softcover, 256 pages, $18.

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Perhaps I am going out — just a little — on a book reviewer’s limb, but I suspect anyone reading this review of Animal Wayshowers by Tammy Billups has shared an intensely close relationship with an animal. Those of us who have wanted to delve more deeply into those relationships on spiritual and sacred levels will find the author, an internationally recognized soul healer, to be a warm and compassionate guide.

As in her other books, the most recent being Animal Soul Contracts, Tammy continues her exploration of how our dogs, cats, horses, and other creatures have come into their guardians’ lives to aid in working through trauma, discovering the paths we are meant to follow, and realizing the ways to be the best we can be for the sake of the planet and its inhabitants. Sharing personal experiences and those of others who have found hope and wisdom from special animals, Tammy makes her case through an amalgam of common sense, sensitivity, and joy.

Readers who are skeptical about metaphysics and spirituality can read Animal Wayshowers for the stories alone, but they might find themselves opening to a different world view. Others already in tune with the principles Tammy expounds will find confirmation. My advice to all readers, however, is to read Animal Wayshowers with an open mind and an open heart.

Disclosure: The story of how my rescued cat Tamsin chose me when I visited a shelter following my husband’s sudden death and other losses is included in this book. I received no payment and did not allow the inclusion to compromise my review.

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