Flowery photos with furry friends

Person holding flowers above Clementine the pig, who is wearing a white tulle fabric veil
Wedding decorations turn into a game of dress-up for the dogs, pigs and guinea pigs at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.
By Sarah Thornton

What would you do if you came across wedding décor that was about to be discarded? Well, we know what we’d do — play dress-up, of course. Caregiver Janna Kruse was out walking a dog at Angels Landing, the natural amphitheater at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, when she spotted piles of flowers, fabric and other decorations from a wedding the day before. (Yes, you can get married here.) So, naturally, she contacted Sanctuary photographer Molly Wald for an impromptu photo shoot.

They gathered together a couple more dogs to join the fun. And then, the game was on.

Boba was looking like quite the dashing gentleman with his harness covered in a few dozen “boutonnieres.”

Amity’s fancy floral hair piece (with just a spray of green) would have her standing out at any party.

Meanwhile, Pancake made sure she got her “blushing bride” face just right. We think she may have done this before.

When it came time to recreate the bouquet toss, Amity was more than ready …

and quite pleased with her results. (We’re pretty sure that, in this case, it meant she was the next to get adopted.)

By the end of the day, Boba had really gotten into the party spirit and completed his look with a sweet little tiara.

But the dress-up train didn’t stop there. When the pups were done, they headed back to Dogtown for dinner, and the flowers and fabric were gathered up for more merriment. (Next stop: Piggy Paradise)

Petunia was immediately interested in what Molly had brought for her.

She was in her element, getting all dolled up and ready for her close-up.

And while Kevin was happy to snooze in the background, Cornelia wanted in.

The flower crown really pulls it all together. Don’t you think?

The pigs were having so much fun that they didn’t want it to end. In fact, Petunia decided to keep her outfit on, even as she followed Kevin’s lead and took a nap. (Look out, Petunia. Someone’s coming to see if you still need those flowers.)

With half of the models asleep, it looked like piggy playtime was over.

Or was it? How about guinea piggy playtime?

The pile of flowers that dwarfed Cricket and June Bug made a lovely backdrop for a peaceful grassy picnic.

June Bug thought the makeshift rosebush was a perfect shady hideaway (And we think she looks like a little flower herself.)

Cricket really takes “stop and smell the roses” seriously.

She was so convinced by the decorations that she even tried to take a nibble — before requesting the real thing next time.

Honestly, these leftover decorations ended up being a whole lot of fun to play with. And the animals certainly had a great time being the center of attention, while also getting some extra enrichment. And then, after the guinea pig picnic, the flowers were tucked away with the rest of the decorations, ready to come in handy at any future photo shoots.

Look like fun?

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