Happy tails from adopted pets

Esmerelda the cat lying on her person Chase
These pets recently adopted from Best Friends are living (and loving) large
By Sarah Thornton

No matter how big or small, young or old, it’s a magical moment when homeless pets find new families to love them. The wagging tails, rumbling purrs and smiling faces are all the proof we need of that. From coast to coast, Best Friends helps thousands of pets find new homes each year, and every adoption is a cause for celebration (and maybe a few happy tears).

We want to share some of that joy with you, so here are a few of the dogs and cats who have recently settled into their new lives with their new favorite people.


Phot courtesy of Tracy Blowers

Brea had a spa day and wanted me to send you pictures of how pretty she looked. She's been having a lot of fun in her backyard this spring sitting on anything and everything. Every day she goes over and says hi to her neighbor friend, Poppy. She loves all of her stuffed soft toys. Every night before bed, she pulls at least 10 out to play with and then falls asleep.

Brea and Allen (who we also adopted from Best Friends) seem to be bonding more and more. We love watching them in the backyard. They have their own language and seem to talk to each other with their eyes when there are squirrels or birds that they want to chase. Allen doesn't growl as much when they play, so it is more relaxed now with more respect between the two of them. They love to do the zoomies, chasing each other all of the yard.

Brea loves watermelon, sitting on anything on the deck and taking in the summer breezes. She is such a joy. It has been really fun to watch her confidence grow and see her personality shine. She's really silly and makes us laugh a lot.


Photo courtesy of Lisa Everett

Apparently, I got a dog in a cat suit.

(We have) two Best Friends alums, Wilson and Joey. Wilson (the cat) eats with the dogs, sleeps with the dog toys and comforts my other dog when he is being tortured with the nail trimmer.

This cat is so calm and accepting of everything and everyone. He does have a kitty friend as well as doggo buddies but it is almost impossible to capture the cats together. They are usually tearing through the house.

Luna Belle

Photo courtesy of Marianne Kutza

Luna will be six months tomorrow. She is doing well but is quite a sassy one. She loves being outside playing ball with me and her dad. She also has lots of fun doing her treat puzzles.

She is on week 10 of her training and is officially an AKC good citizen puppy. Luna was fully potty-trained in about five days and has not had any accidents since. What a good girl.

Luna loves seeing my son’s two dogs, and after her initial fears has learned to pal around with them for hours before collapsing on the cool floor. She is so attached to me and follows me everywhere — and I mean everywhere. She is slowly becoming more independent, playing with her toys more on her own.

We go for walks in the local park a few times a week. I am amazed at how she looks at the ducks which are so close to her, sighs and moves on.


Photo courtesy of Alicia Britt

Bean is such a cutie and a little stinker. He has learned how to sit on command and how to come here. He currently is obsessed with garbage trucks. He loves playing with other dogs and tearing apart his toys. Recently he has started to play fetch as well. He’s seriously a good boy. He’s my best friend already.

Jada, Jojo, Junie and Jolene

Photos courtesy of Christy Cheny

All four kittens seem to be adjusting to their new homes.

Jada and JoJo are living at my sister's house behind us. From what she has told me and what I have seen when I go to visit, they are doing really well. They have helped my niece out with some of the things she was struggling with. They love having them in the house with them.

Junie and Jolene are living here with my family. They have lots of playmates and get lots of attention. I am giving them a break from all of the kids when it looks like they are getting overwhelmed. My two-year-old daughter loves them so much. She randomly goes over and gives them hugs. She loves to follow them around. The other kids love playing with them as well. They love their cat tree and also the back of the couch and on top of the bird cages, where we have found them fast asleep. It has been so fun to watch everyone enjoying having them around.

Thank you so much for helping us find our new family members.


Photo courtesy of Chase Krohn

Ezmerelda is doing wonderful and every day is that much better with her around.

My colleagues expect pictures of her every working day, so she has become quite the model.

She has gotten very comfortable on a harness and I'm slowly building her confidence in being outside. She enjoys walks in the backpack carrier as well. She really enjoys the catio space on the back patio. She does an excited trot to the patio door when I say, “Want to go outside?”

She has also picked up on tricks very quickly. She has learned to sit and shake with each paw. We have also been working on a game of her finding treats when I hide them. I'm currently trying to teach her to jump up into my arms.

She has gotten more and more comfortable around me as well. She loves to play hide and seek or hunt me when I'm not paying attention. It has been fun to see her get more playful and confident over time.

Thanks for all the work you do in finding homes for all the animals.

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Happy tails from adopted pets

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