Kitty yoga: Feline physical and spiritual masters

Inspiring photos of cats doing yoga are sure to inspire you in your own yoga practice and help you achieve enlightenment.
By Jennifer Hayes

Need a cure for the Monday blues? Our photo feature is here to help provide a brief diversion from your workday routine with a small dose of squee, wow and awwww. Enjoy!

Want the secret to improving almost anything? Just add pets. By following that advice, Los Angeles-based Turtle Flow Yoga managed to improve upon a practice dating back thousands of years: yoga with cats. And they weren’t just any cats. They were cats available for adoption from NKLA Coalition partners. Steer yourself onto a path of enlightened consciousness by enjoying images of people and cats doing yoga poses from the inaugural class at the NKLA Adoption Center. And if you’re in the “city of angels,” join the fun and attend a future class. Namaste.

Add a yoga master to your life

Cat wandering among people doing yoga
My mantra’s not om: It’s meow.


Cat watching women doing yoga
Think you can do yoga? I’m a cat — thus, a yoga master.


Woman taking a break from yoga to pet an orange tabby cat wandering by
Human, why are you doing all that stretching when you and I could be playing with that toy?
Humphrey is available for adoption at the NKLA Adoption Center.


Woman doing yoga stopping to pet a cat
Move over Steph. I’m the instructor now.


Man doing yoga stretching to pet a cat
Yes, stretch just a little more. Heck, I could be the yoga instructor.


Cat sitting among people practicing a yoga pose


Cat among people stretching for their toes during yoga practice
Beginner cat level


Cat unimpressed by the people around him doing yoga
Ahh, path to catnip pose


Cat walking by people doing yoga stretching
Cat worship. Smile. Repeat.


Cat ignoring people doing yoga
I regret going to yoga today — said no one ever!


Cat looking at people practicing yoga
Humans down on all fours? It’s about time!


Woman reaching to touch her toes and petting cat at the same time during yoga
Ha, I’ve been bending to touch my toes since I was a little kitten.


(Woman petting a cat during yoga class
Yes, I have to say you have this pose perfected.


Photos by Lori Fusaro

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