Love at first sight for corgi in a wheelchair

With just three legs and no control over her bathroom habits, Lovey won over her new adopter with one look.
By Sarah Thornton

Lovey, a sweet little corgi, lives up to her name even though she’s had a host of medical challenges. Her hind end was paralyzed after she was hit by a car, so she can’t really “use the bathroom” on her own. And then one of her back legs was further injured.

When she came to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, our veterinarians determined that her back leg needed to be amputated. Lovey’s prognosis was good, however, and she was chipper with everyone she met in the clinic. It seemed like it would be easy to find a home for Lovey, even with her physical issues.

Lovey the corgi lying on a dog bed

Medical setbacks

The veterinary staff went to work getting Lovey through her leg surgery and on to recovery — with plenty of ear scratches and praise along the way for being such a good girl. Meanwhile, Jennifer Mount saw a photo of Lovey, and when she learned more about her, she wanted to adopt her. Jennifer is a fan of corgis and already had one at home with her in Texas. She began to make plans to travel to Utah to come and get Lovey.

And then Lovey ate her bandages. She needed another surgery to get them out, which is when the vets found a mass on her spleen. Lovey needed yet more time to recover from those surgeries, and as the medical team waited for the results of her biopsy, Lovey remained in the clinic, soaking up all the love and attention from staff there while her soon-to-be mom, Jennifer, waited eagerly to bring her home.

“I was calling every day waiting for the results,” Jennifer says. Staff sent her updates on Lovey’s progress, as well as descriptions of her bright and happy personality. The only thing Lovey cared about was socializing and cuddling with anyone willing to sit with her.

The moment Jennifer got word that Lovey was ready to go, she prepared to pick her up and take her home.

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Making new friends wherever she goes

Lovey slept straight through the trip from Utah to Texas. And once she got to her new home, it was like she’d always been there. She settled in and immediately got comfortable with the other dogs in the house. “They get along great. She and my other corgi sleep together. They are inseparable,” Jennifer says with a laugh.

Lovey and another dog sleeping next to each other

Because it’s easier for her to maneuver in close quarters without her wheelchair, Lovey scoots around without it when they’re hanging out at home, dragging her back end behind her. When she’s in the backyard in her wheelchair, chasing after one of the bigger dogs, she flies around with no problem at all. Jennifer says sometimes she can’t even catch up to Lovey when she really gets going, but it’s fun to watch.

Otherwise, Lovey follows her new human everywhere. They snuggle on the couch together, and Lovey sleeps in Jennifer’s bed with her. Her favorite place to be is wherever Jennifer is. Well, that and under one of the dining room chairs.

“It looks very uncomfortable,” Jennifer says in an amused tone. “She gets herself wedged in there, and it takes her a while to get back out. But for some reason, that’s where she always goes.”

And when Lovey goes out for walks and adventures in her corgi-sized wheelchair, she catches everyone’s eye. “She gets so much attention. Anyone who sees her comes up to her,” Jennifer says. “She loves attention. She’s adorable.”

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Lovey is good-natured about everything, even having her bladder expressed, which she needs to have done daily because she’s incontinent. She knows the routine: As soon as Jennifer puts a puppy pad down on the ground, Lovey runs over, ready to go. There’s no fuss at all with the procedure, and then Lovey moves on to more exciting things, like charging through the backyard or getting belly rubs.

She may only have three legs, with only two of them under her control, and she may be incontinent, but Lovey is certainly one happy dog. And she is well loved by her new family. From day one, with that first picture, Lovey had Jennifer’s heart completely.

“She’s worth everything,” Jennifer says. “I’d do anything for her.”

Lovey the corgi in her wheelchair on the beach

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