More than 1,000 pets adopted in a single weekend

Dogs and cats adopted at NKLA and NKUT Super Adoptions (sponsored by Petco Foundation, Wellness and Cuteness) and Tampa Bay Regional Mega Adoption.
By Nicole Hamilton

By the time two Best Friends super adoptions wrapped up last weekend in Los Angeles and Salt Lake City, hundreds of homeless dogs and cats had been adopted into new homes. The NKLA and NKUT Super Adoption events, both proudly supported by Petco Foundation with additional sponsorship from Wellness and Cuteness, are open to our partner shelters to bring their pets so they can find good new homes. Here’s what that looks like.

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That’s not the only cause for celebration from last weekend, because at the same time municipal shelters in Florida came together for the first ever Tampa Bay Regional Mega Adoption.

Best Friends sponsored the Tampa Bay event by providing heartworm treatment for dogs who need it and by helping to cover adoption fees for spay/neuter, microchipping and vaccinations. By the end of the weekend, more than a thousand cats and dogs from shelters coast to coast were no longer homeless.

Here are some of our favorite photos from last weekend's adoptions events.

Young family adopting a yellow Lab mix puppy at the NKUT Super Adoption

Young boy wearing sunglasses sitting next to a brown dog

Woman kissing and hugging a small dog at the NKUT Super Adoption event

Person holding a sleeping brown tabby kitten to his or her chest at the NKLA Super Adoption

Happy family adopting a rottweiler mix dog

Smiling man holding a white pit bull terrier puppy at the NKLA Super Adoption event

Young boy holding a small black and tan Chihuahua mix and an orange frisbee

Family smiling and laughing next to a brown and white dog lying in the grass with his eyes closed

White and black kitten on the back of a smiling woman at the NKUT Super Adoption

Adopt a pet near you. Adoption event not required.

Photos by Lori Fusaro, Sarah Ause Kichas and Nichole Dandrea