Pumpkin the cat celebrates his season

Pumpkin the cat wearing an autumnal colored bow surrounded by fall-colored leaves
It’s autumn now, and you know what that means: the perfect time for Pumpkin.
By Sarah Thornton

Fall is in the air: that crisp, nostalgic feeling that sends us digging through our closets for our comfiest sweaters and cuddling up with a mug of something warm and delicious. Crunchy red and yellow leaves make walking outside just that little bit more exciting. Plus, there are pumpkins everywhere — though here at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary some of them are a bit different from what you might be used to.

As far as one fuzzy feline is concerned, “Pumpkin season” is his time to shine. And who are we to deny him?

Pumpkin spice? Maybe once upon a time when this ginger gentleman was younger. Before he came to the Sanctuary, Pumpkin was already known for being a clever, comical sort of cat. He’s always been a lover of playtime and would never turn down a treat. However, he has his limits and could sometimes go from playful to super spicy, which wasn’t quite so fun for his playmates.

But since Pumpkin’s arrival at his home-between-homes here at Best Friends, he’s matured, and his human friends have helped him learn how to channel all that extra energy. At 8 years old, he’s still up for chasing a wand toy or leaping right to the top of his cat tree. And even though he doesn’t have any teeth left, a good snack still gets him purring up a storm. These days, rather than “pumpkin spice,” life is a little more “pumpkin pie” — or cake actually.

To appease this silly squash’s seasonal swagger — as his ears have surely buzzed from his name echoing down the halls more than usual — caregivers whipped up an extra-special treat. Because every day with a furry friend is one to celebrate, they busted out a Best Friends plant-based celebration cake kit and got to work under Pumpkin’s watchful gaze.

[As seen in Ellen's Paws Up Club]

With a little water and a whole lot of love, soon Pumpkin was snacking in style. (He even got a party hat!)

Oh yeah, that looks like it definitely hit the spot. A whisker-licking good treat and all the attention and adoration he deserves for being the spirit of the season? Yes, Pumpkin is pretty pleased.

(Just do us a favor and don’t tell him it’s the other kind of pumpkin that most people are talking about.)

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