Rescuing a chained-up malamute dog and his canine pals

Best Friends rescues a chained-up malamute and his dog friends who were running loose from a property in Escalante, Utah.
By Elizabeth Doyle

It was Jane Besmehn from Best Friends to the rescue. And now, this gorgeous malamute and all his friends are breathing easy at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.

A chained-up malamute in need of rescue

They were living in Escalante, Utah, when their person packed up and left. Just left! Neighbors called the sheriff about the loose dogs he left behind. The sheriff called Best Friends. And when Jane arrived on the scene, it wasn’t the loose dogs she was most worried about. It was poor Willie the malamute, who’d been left padlocked to a log chain.

Willie had gotten tangled in his chain. Padlocked to it by a choke collar, he couldn’t even stand up. He’d been forced to lie down, without any food, ever since he’d gotten wrapped up – and who knew exactly how long that had been?

Rescuing the other dogs running loose

Jane and her team immediately unwrapped him. Though he was scared and growled a little, he quit as soon as he realized they were there to help. Next, they went about trapping the loose dogs – they caught two adults and five puppies. They were all hungry, too, but less so, because they’d been running free. They must have found some morsels out there.

Dogs ready for a new life

Soon, the whole group was on its way to Best Friends. Willie asks for your pardon as far as his haircut. He had to get sort of a funny one because he was so matted. But he’s well-fed now, running around a play area without any chains, and soon he’ll be back to his handsome self. Plus, all of them, puppies included, will soon be looking for good new homes – and we’ll make sure they get the kind of families that will never abandon them!

Photo by Troy Snow

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