Shih Tzus in need come to Best Friends

Two purebred Shih Tzus come to the Sanctuary for help and to look for a forever home. Purebred dogs are available from animals shelters.
By Best Friends staff

Is it only mixed-breed dogs who need to be rescued? No way. Even pocket-sized pure breeds hit hard times and need a little help from Best Friends. Just ask Annie and Andy, the purebred Shi Tzus, a couple of new arrivals to the Sanctuary.

Shih Tzus who need help

Annie and Andy the dogs were found wandering around locally, so badly matted they were walking like they were tied in knots! Animal control picked them up but nobody came to claim them, so off to Best Friends they went. They've both been given nice, comfortable haircuts -- phew! What a relief that must be. And they are thriving in their foster home. Andy seems like he may have done some "studding" in his life, though he's now, of course, been neutered. And Annie is a friendly little escape artist.

Purebreds looking for a home

The two of them have reached a happy landing; let's hope any babies they've made have done the same. They're both looking for a home, but in the meantime, they'd like to remind us: Neutering -- it's not just for mixed breeds!

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