Ultra cuteness: Animals sticking their tongues out

Simply irresistible pics of happy animals sticking out their slurp-y tongues -- what could be cuter?
By Jennifer Hayes

Need a cure for the Monday blues? Our photo feature is here to help provide a brief diversion from your workday routine with a small dose of squee, wow and awwww. Enjoy!

When people stick their tongues out, it’s typically considered rude; however, when a rabbit does it, it’s just adorable. It’s the same thing when the subjects are dogs, cats, horses, goats or even a pig. Luckily, our photographers were around at just the right moment to capture these images of cuteness. Enjoy these photos of tongues in action.

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The tongue of Hera the dog
You know what I’d really like right now? Ice cream!


The tongue of Kima the dog
My tongue is pink and purple. What color is yours?


The tongue of Dorothy the cat


The tongue of Dara the dog
Today’s heat index is 111 degrees?


The tongue of Angus the rabbit
Oh yes, bunnies do have tongues. See!


The tongue of Tuli the dog
Betcha can’t find my nose.


The tongues of Clyde and Josie the horses
I can stick my tongue out further than you. Oh, no you can’t!


The tongue of Thurston the dog
Did I hear you say something about a walk?


The tongue of Arnold the pig
Just throw popcorn in my mouth and my tongue will catch it.


The tongue of Ricki the dog
I want to kiss you, but this camera’s in the way.


The tongue of Grayson the cat
Tell me the story again about those three blind mice.


The tongue of Parker the dog
I sing the song of my people.


The tongue of Mike the puppy
It's going to be OK.


The tongue of Walter the horse


The tongues of Nugget and Grady the dogs
He’s got a crush on you.


The tongues of Steve and Joseph the goats
Ha-ha — I got to the bucket first. Nwaaa!


The tongue of Paco the dog
Is that a French fry you’re holding?


The tongue of Gidget the kitten
Mmmm. I taste delicious!


The tongue of Mama Mia the dog
Mmmm. What’s for dinner?


The tongue of Riley the horse
Straight from the horse’s mouth


The tongue of Mitchell the dog
So many Kongs, so little time


Photos by Best Friends staff

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