Bela is coming to Best Friends

By Francis Battista

Merry Christmas Bela! We are thrilled to announce that Bela has been released to Best Friends Animal Society and we are currently arranging his transport to our sanctuary in Kanab, Utah where he will celebrate a warm, happy holiday with lots of treats, toys and love.

Bela is safe! We first told you about Bela’s story on the blog last week. Be sure to celebrate with us by following his step-by-step journey to the sanctuary on our Facebook page.

Over the last few days we have learned more about Bela from the deceased’s attorney and friends. Bela has a history of intermittent aggression and his owner, Connie Ley was concerned about the appropriate care and management of him after her death given Bela’s special needs. Her attorney and her designated friend, charged to decide what was best for Bela, were unaware of Best Friends experience in providing appropriate care for dogs like Bela. According to the estate attorney: “It was this lack of information and the unfounded social media backlash about Connie Ley, myself, and the provisions in her will about her pets, that caused the delay in resolving Bela’s future.” In addition Best Friends first learned about Bela from media reports.

At Best Friends, we believe that the life of every animal has intrinsic value and we will always do our level best to help Save Them All, which is at the core of our mission. Our trainers and animal behavior specialists will work with Bela so that he will have every opportunity to enjoy a full and rich life. Of all those party to the unfolding events following Connie Ley’s passing, Bela has experienced the trauma of losing his life-long companion and his home. Our first priority is to do everything we can to make Bela’s life whole once again in keeping with Connie Ley’s wishes for her beloved dog.

There are many people to thank for their part in this, but we'd like to especially thank P.A.W.S of Dearborn County who have been taking great care of Bela while this all played out. And with thanks to all concerned, another life has been saved.

Bela's situation is a poignant reminder that our animals are our family, and families need to plan for their pets who survive them.

Best Friends and a few other animal organizations offer a lifetime care program. These programs typically guarantee a safe haven or loving home for a pet for life. However, it is something that should be planned for in advance, and organized between you and the organization. You should never assume any organization will have space to take your animal without making prior arrangements. Most operate at capacity to try to save as many animals as possible. For information on the Best Friends planned giving options, click here.

For all concerned, Bela is in good hands and will enjoy a safe and very merry Christmas and a happy future at Best Friends!

Please show your support for Bela coming Best Friends by adding your positive message for Bela to have a safe journey by using the #Hashtag #BelaIsSafe.


Julie Castle


Best Friends Animal Society