Best Friends’ call to action

Who knows, maybe it’s something in the pristine spring water that flows out of the red rocks at Best Friends headquarters in Southern Utah. More likely, it’s just because it is the right thing to do. The “it” is Best Friends’ recently launched national call-to-action campaign that encapsulates, in positive, active terms, our no-kill mission and our vision of a time when there are No More Homeless Pets.

It is “Save Them All,” and it states, in no uncertain terms, how, as a movement, we will end the killing of all healthy and adoptable shelter animals in this country. In order to achieve no-kill, we must Save Them All – the two principles go hand in hand.

And, as described here a couple of weeks back, Save Them All was the theme resonating throughout the No More Homeless Pets National Conference last month in Jacksonville.

If you haven’t already seen one, be on the lookout for Save Them All TV spots that have just hit the airwaves. As Julie Castle elaborates in her keynote address from the conference, Save Them All goes to the core of our calling in the no-kill movement and reaffirms our collective commitment to every shelter pet.

I highly recommend that you watch Julie’s keynote. It will inspire you, uplift you, and give you an insight into the spirit, ethic, and inescapable logic of “Save Them All.”