Florida, we need you! Mark Buehrle shares how to take action and help save dogs

Because of an archaic exemption in the state law, Florida’s Miami-Dade County is the only county in the entire state permitted to engage in canine profiling, specifically when it comes to pit-bull-type dogs. Best Friends, working with local lawmakers, has introduced a law to right this injustice.

Last year, Florida dog lovers rose to the occasion by helping us repeal the automatic dangerous dog classification that discriminated against any dog rescued from dog fighting. If you live in Florida, please contact your state legislators (via the link below) and ask them to support the repeal bill (HB 997/SB 1322) that will remove Miami-Dade County’s exemption from the statewide breed-discriminatory legislation prohibition.

Time is short and your legislator needs to hear from you as soon as possible. Please share the video, join the fight to repeal the canine-profiling provision, and give Miami-Dade County the opportunity to embrace proven methods for building a safer, more humane community. We need YOU to help Best Friends save pets.


Julie Castle


Best Friends Animal Society