Hurricane Isaac Update

The big pieces – shelter evacuation and support for municipal shelters – are pretty well in place, but there are a number of grassroots organizations filling in the gaps and working in the field to rescue and/or feed stranded animals.

Here is a list of local organizations that need your support. As in any disaster, some arrangements have been organized using a fly-by-the-seat-of-the-pants approach due to disrupted services. We have checked these to the best of our ability and believe all the information to be solid and the individuals to be reliable, but cannot guarantee it.

Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter

Robin Beaulieu, cell #: (504) 554-6122, email:

Robin has asked for supplies for the shelter and volunteers to help walk and clean, etc.

St. John's Shelter

Rachael Sance, email:

Rachael has asked for volunteers to assist with repairs to the building and for help with walking, cleaning, etc.

· First, if you want to make a cash donation, please contact Rachael on her cell phone.
· If you want to mail items (dog bowls, de-wormer, etc.) as donations, FedEx them directly to the shelter (488 West 2nd Street, LaPlace, Louisiana 70068).
· She also said that Jefferson Feed gives her a great rescue discount, so gift cards to Jefferson Feed will be appreciated.
· If you want to and are able to volunteer at the shelter, please know that you will be asked to check in with Louisiana SART (they are on site) for organizational purposes.

PAWS (Plaquemines Animal Welfare Society)

Robin Pannagl, email:

Robin has requested volunteer help for walking, cleaning, etc.

Contact for shelter is Karen Bruce, phone #: (504) 392-1601.

ARNO (Animal Rescue New Orleans)

Ginny Baumann, phone: (504) 669-1908, email:

They are still in need of volunteers and donations to help with daily care and repairs to their shelter building. You can keep up with their immediate needs and information through their Facebook page.

Humane Society of Louisiana

The organization has set up a joint information site for local organizations. Check that out on Facebook.

KAT 5 Animal Rescue

KAT 5 is on the ground in Plaquemines and needs resources and support in the efforts there to feed, water and rescue livestock. Contact Susan Meyer, executive director of KAT 5 Animal Rescue, via TEXT ONLY to: 972-898-3300.

Support Alliance for Stray Animals

Support Alliance for Stray Animals is in need of gift cards or donations for animal food.

Patsy Kruebbe
Support Alliance for Stray Animals
(504) 400-8843

Lafayette Animal Aid

Lafayette Animal Aid is the only no-kill shelter in the entire Acadiana area of Louisiana. They shelter about 300 animals on any given day. The cat cottage had extensive roof damage due to extremely high winds during Hurricane Issac. Now the roof is leaking and is causing damage inside the shelter facility. Cost of repair is estimated to be $3,000. They cannot continue taking cats until repair is completed. Donations appreciated.

Heidi Paterson
Development Director
Lafayette Animal Aid

Thank you for caring about the animals, not just during times of disaster, but all year long.

Francis Battista