Kitten season getting into full swing


The term “kitten season” sounds like something magical. But to animal rescuers and shelters, the mention of it can make everyone snap to attention and double-check their preparations, like emergency teams bracing for a massive hurricane. While kittens are indisputably cute, thousands of them can roll in all at once, making kitten season the most challenging time of the year in shelters around the country.

Kittens are often brought to shelters by well-meaning folks who find a litter under their house or in a backyard shed. These babies have little chance of surviving on their own without round-the-clock care. (Just FYI: Sometimes, the kittens may not need rescuing. The mother cat may still be in the vicinity, so if you do find a litter of kittens, wait awhile before gathering them up, to see if their mother returns to them.)

If you follow Best Friends’ work, you know that we invest a lot of time and resources in our kitten nurseries, to get these fragile babies through the first critical phase of their lives so they can be moved to foster care, where they will be bottle-fed until they are able to eat on their own.

Of course, the best approach to kitten season is free spay/neuter services for the public, and that’s just what our partners at Los Angeles Animal Services (LAAS) are providing for the entire month of April.

Please spread the word and get your friends in L.A. to take advantage of this important program. Newborn kittens do not belong in shelters and the best way to keep the numbers down is to prevent litters of kittens from being born in the first place, through accessible and affordable spay/neuter efforts.

Here’s the scoop from LAAS:

During April, LAAS is offering free cat spay/neuter certificates to all L.A. city residents, regardless of income, to encourage community members to get their cats spayed or neutered before they have unwanted litters. Kitten season is starting early again this year and LAAS is already seeing an increase in cat and kitten impounds citywide. By taking advantage of these free spay/neuter certificates, you can help prevent unwanted kitten births.

To get your free certificate immediately, visit the nearest L.A. city animal services center or apply online for a print-at-home free spay/neuter certificate.

“By spaying or neutering your cat or kitten, you are helping L.A. Animal Services get one step closer to reducing unwanted kitten births and helping us place more animals in homes of their own,” says Brenda Barnette, LAAS general manager. “With our new print-at-home system, it has never been easier to spay or neuter your pet!”

This program is available for residents of the city of Los Angeles who are 18 years of age or older. Each household is eligible for free spay/neuter certificates for up to three cats. Free spay or neuter surgeries are for companion cats only, and stray animals are excluded. Once a free certificate is received, it must be redeemed at a participating veterinary hospital within 10 days of issuance.

To learn more about how to apply for a free spay/neuter certificate and to find participating veterinary hospitals, spay/neuter clinics and mobile spay/neuter clinics in your area, please visit the LAAS website.

This is important, so please spread the word. And if you have a cat, please take advantage of this great opportunity.

Help us Save Them All.