LMAO Holiday Cheer

Esther the dog in a holiday costumeThe ability to laugh at ourselves is a mark of our humanity. The best comedy turns a mirror on us in a way that evokes a smile rather than defensiveness or anger. Where ridicule shames and embarrasses, humor pops the bubble of our self-seriousness in a kind and entertaining way.

Face it folks, we are ridiculous creatures and I believe that one of the reasons we love animals, especially our pets, is because they show us that our foibles are universal. There is nothing unique about our pride and pratfalls.

When our cat Bumble Bee proudly pretends that she really did intend to lose her balance on the windowsill, I know exactly where she’s coming from. When sweet Esther, our ridiculous, chubby, old Chihuahua (pictured above in holiday gear) falls asleep with a snore despite her best efforts to stay awake, I know exactly how she feels.

Sure, we admire and idealize our animal companions because they are loyal, graceful, honest, courageous and even magical, but we love them because, like us, they are very, very goofy.

So enjoy the latest holiday message from us here at Best Friends and please find it in your heart to adopt a homeless pet this holiday season and enjoy all of the goofiness, laughter and joy they bring.

Gregory Castle
Cat Dog