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KY: Senate Bill 82 status update + next steps

white pit bull type dog

If enacted, Kentucky Senate Bill 82 would have protected your right to own and care for whatever breed of dog you choose.

Unfortunately, the bill did not pass a critical vote in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Please take a moment to send a message of appreciation to the Committee members who voted in favor of your rights, and to ask the members who voted no to reconsider their stance next time similar legislation comes around. 

Ending dog breed discrimination is vital to our goal of reaching no-kill nationwide by 2025.

Learn more about breed discrimination.

Thank you for speaking out on behalf of dogs and responsible owners!

Message sent to YES votes:

Thank you for supporting SB 82: As a proud Kentuckian who values our individual freedoms, I would like to thank you for your committee vote to protect our right to own whatever breed of dog we choose. I hope that in the future this bill will pass and make Kentucky the 23rd state to pass similar property rights legislation.

Message sent to NO votes:

As a Kentuckian who values freedom from local government overreach, I respectfully request that in the future you reconsider your position on legislation that allows city officials to dictate the breed of dog any citizen can own. I count on state legislators to protect my individual rights and hope I can count on you to support bills like SB 82 in the future. Thank you.

The Senate Agriculture Committee's vote was as follows (YES votes supported SB 82): 

Sen. Paul Hornback (Chairman): Yes 

Sen. Matt Castlen :  Yes 

Sen. David Givens: No 

Sen. Jason Howell:  No 

Sen. Dennis Parrett: No 

Sen. Damon Thayer: No 

Sen. Robin Webb: Absent 

Sen. Stephen West: No 

Sen. Whitney Westerfield: No 

Sen. Max Wise: Yes 

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