Kimberly Elman

Kimberly ElmanManager of National Outreach Volunteer Programs

Kimberly Elman manages Best Friends’ national outreach volunteer department. She and her team are responsible for consulting and training Best Friends’ No More Homeless Pets Network partners regarding their volunteer programs. Her goal is to assist these partners in developing strategic, innovative and collaborative volunteer engagement, integrated into all areas of their organizations.

Kimberly previously served on the board of an animal welfare group in central Florida. Prior to being employed by Best Friends, Kimberly was a Best Friends volunteer for four years, taking on small and large projects with increasing levels of responsibility within the organization. Her experience is a good example of a volunteer taking on responsibilities that were once thought to be the purview of paid staff. Engaging volunteers and consulting with network partners is a great fit for Kimberly’s background in psychology, sales, customer service and training.

She lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, with three canine family members, and loves to spend time reading, traveling and volunteering at her local municipal shelter.