Kimberly Elman

Kimberly ElmanSenior Strategist, Shelter Data Collection & Volunteer Outreach

Kimberly began her employment with Best Friends in 2014, in the Volunteer & Visitor Experience Division, then moved over to the Municipal & Shelter Support team. In her current role, Kimberly's work involves general data collection and strategy, along with partnering with Best Friends' volunteers that establish relationships with shelters nationwide. These volunteers work to obtain shelter data to identify issues keeping them from no-kill and connecting them with appropriate resources.

Kimberly began her career in animal welfare by serving on the board of a rescue group in central Florida. Prior to being employed by Best Friends, Kimberly was a Best Friends volunteer for four years, taking on small and large projects with increasing levels of responsibility within the organization. Her experience is a good example of a volunteer taking on responsibilities that were once thought to be the purview of paid staff.

Kimberly earned her degree in Psychology, spending 18 years in the corporate world in various sales, management, customer service, and training capacities.  She lives in Gainesville, Florida along with her canine family members, and enjoys reading, traveling, camping, and hiking.