Live, interactive Fireside Chats with our CEO, CEO emeritus and guest speakers

A chat among friends: On December 12, Best Friends held its first live virtual fireside chat. Gregory Castle was joined by Marc Peralta, regional director of the Mid-Atlantic region for Best Friends and Chrissy Rollyson, a longtime Best Friends volunteer. Julie Castle, Best Friends' new CEO acted as moderator.

During the call, we gave an update on our disaster relief efforts in Texas after Hurricane Harvey and we discussed our efforts to lead the country to no-kill by 2025. By creating regional coalitions and getting more people involved on a local level, we are increasing lifesaving efforts around the country.

Our second live chat was held on Wednesday March 28. Gregory Castle was joined by Judah Battista, co-founder and chief regional programs officer and Holly Sizemore, chief national programs officer. Julie Castle, Best Friends’ new CEO acted as moderator. We had a great discussion with you, our supporters, on ways we can continue to work together to lead the country to no-kill by 2025. We talked about the progress we’ve made together in the individual states and outlined our exciting regional plans for the future.

To reference the current save rate in your state please go to

Please contact Victoria Johnson at or call 435-644 4817 if you would like a link to the audio recording.

Our next Fireside Chat will take place in the fall. More details to follow soon!