Meet majestic minipanthers this National Black Cat Day

Prius the black cat at the end of a rainbow-colored tunnel
Come celebrate National Black Cat Day with some fantastic feline friends (and feel free to fall in love).
By Sarah Thornton

You’ve probably heard an old superstition about black cats being bad luck. But did you know that around the world there are many places where an inky-black kitty paying you a visit is seen as something to celebrate? They’re thought to bring good luck, prosperity and even romance. In some cultures, they may be fairies or kings of cats, while in others they’re associated with the gods.

These days, you don’t have to look far to find black cat fan groups on social media where people from all over post pictures of their beloved feline family members and gush about how wonderful they are. They’re minipanthers, and experts at kitty hide-and-seek.

National Black Cat Day, coming up August 17, was created to dispel the bad rep on black cats and, instead, celebrate their beauty and companionship. And how could we miss out on that? So, this year, we’d like to introduce you to just a few of the beautiful black cats who call Best Friends Animal Sanctuary their home-between-homes. They may share a coat color, but each one is uniquely “purrfect,” and they’re all looking for families to call their own.

Tender-hearted Thomas

Thomas may look like a tough guy with his missing ear and scruffy fur, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. This Hurricane Harvey survivor, who has been through a lot, is timid around people, but given enough time to get comfortable and warm up, he blossoms into a real sweetheart.

He enjoys the quiet life of sunbathing and watching birds through the window. But every now and then, he gets a burst of kitten-like energy and charges at anything he can turn into a toy. For a patient, loving family, this black cat is sure to bring plenty of joy and love.

Read Thomas’ story here.

Outgoing Oswald

While he may have started out a little shy, Oswald has come out of his shell and there’s no going back. He’ll take all the attention he can get, and he’s like a little shadow the way he follows his human friends around looking for more.

He was born with a mild form cerebellar hypoplasia (sometimes called “wobbly cat syndrome”), a condition that affects his motor skills and makes him a little uncoordinated at times. But that’s never stopped him from climbing, exploring, leaping and playing to his heart’s content, and he’s ready to bring all that fun to a new family.

Personable Pepe

Are you looking for a gentleman who will curl up and melt in your lap? Well then, you need look no further than Pepe. The highlight of day for many a staff member or volunteer, Pepe is the first to greet anyone walking into the room, and he’s the last to peel away from their side as they leave.

Pepe is also a wonderful adventure buddy who loves going on harness walks, stroller rides and sleepovers. He’s really just happy to be wherever his friends are, bringing smiles to everyone he meets. (We’re also pretty sure rubbing his belly is good luck because he certainly enjoys it.)

Reserved Ricky

If you’ve got some time to spend with him, Ricky is a real hidden gem. He is slow to warm up to new people, but his friends will agree he’s well worth it because once he’s comfortable, his silly-sweet side comes out.

Being Ricky’s friend is a fortune all its own, and once you’ve found the key to his heart (some patience and a well-wiggled wand toy), there’s a treasure trove of love waiting for you.

Playful Prius

Prius is always ready to put on a show. He plays with anyone who’s interested, be they cat or human, and he’s not above throwing himself into the air after an interesting toy.

This young fellow is not afraid to ask for attention when he wants it (which is pretty often). And if you’re a little exhausted from the last play session, he’s fine just snuggling up for some quiet time, too.

Those are just a few of the fantastic black cats covering a full rainbow of personalities who are waiting to meet you at the Sanctuary. We feel lucky just getting to know each and every one of them, so imagine how lucky you’d feel bringing one home.

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