Special-needs poodle adopted from All the Same Wild and Tame Animal Sanctuary

Best Friends pet adoption promotion helps a special-needs poodle with visual impairment from All the Same Wild and Tame Animal Sanctuary find a home.
By Denise LeBeau

The Love Is Special adoption and special-needs awareness campaign from Best Friends provided marketing and promotional material to our No More Homeless Pets Network partners from coast to coast to help get their extra-special charges into loving homes. While dogs and cats who have physical imperfections might seem like more of a handful to care for, the reality is they are usually not more of a commitment than "normal" pets, and they are as (if not more) rewarding to have as a family member.

"Best Friends created the Love Is Special campaign to increase awareness about special-needs pets to give them the best chance at getting adopted," says marketing specialist Claudia Perrone.

Poodles from All the Same Wild and Tame Animal Sanctuary in Las Vegas

Funion the poodle with another poodle friendOne of the most heartwarming adoptions from the Love Is Special promotion comes from All the Same Wild and Tame Animal Sanctuary of Las Vegas. Funion is a two-and-a-half-year-old small-sized poodle mix who was relinquished to the South Los Angeles Animal Shelter in California. All the Same Wild and Tame frequently visits the shelters of L.A. to pull at-risk animals to help find them wonderful homes. They don't shy away from any animal due to medical issues. If the group has the resources, the pet-in-waiting is going to Vegas. The fateful day when they met Funion was a game-changer for the little dog.

"As we were walking into the shelter, a lady was turning in two small dogs," says Mary K, founder of All the Same Wild and Tame. "When I asked her if they were her dogs, she replied, 'Yes.' But she insisted that we didn't want to take the poodle because 'She's no good because her eyes don't work.' Of course, we took both dogs."

The first dog rescued that day was adopted as soon as she was spayed, but Funion wasn't getting any adoption nibbles. So there was extra excitement in the air when the group received their Love Is Blind promotional materials from Best Friends.

Adopting a poodle with visual impairment

"Funion is so great - I had the pleasure of working with her," shares Meeghan Lennon, director of All the Same Wild and Tame. "I have a visual impairment too, so I approached her acclimation process with more understanding about her needs. I started exposing her to the outside world slowly at first. But she was ready to experience everything with gusto. She's a great dog and a perfect companion animal."

About two weeks after All the Same Wild and Tame used the Love Is Special materials, Funion went home with a forever family of her own.

Funion the poodle with his new adoptive family"When we used the promotional materials, we attracted a different type of person, a more like-minded person to adopt from us," says Meeghan. "We didn't have to worry about whether they wouldn't appreciate Funion for who she is; we weren't thinking that she would be an adoption return, because they 'get' it. And now Funion completes their family, and we couldn't be happier."

"Funion, now known as Malibu, is a great addition to our family," shares adopter Jennifer Braswell. She is full of love, life and energy. She has become best buddies with our 10-month-old miniature poodle, Bailey. Her favorite pastimes, besides belly rubs, are running on a leash and exploring the dog park. We love her so much."

Funion's placement will allow the rescue to take another at-risk dog out of the shelter system before it's too late. They specialize in the care and treatment of animals who would otherwise be destroyed by shelters. They are dedicated to saving the lives of Los Angeles homeless pets.

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Photos courtesy of Jennifer Braswell