Julie Castle at TEDxSaltLakeCity: Monumental change through building bridges

“Monumental change can occur when you set expectations not on what’s happened, or what is happening, but what could happen in the future through building bridges.” – Julie Castle

Julie Castle, the chief marketing, communications and development officer at Best Friends, recently gave a very powerful TEDxSaltLakeCity Talk.

The core of her presentation was about Best Friends’ work with the dogs from the Michael Vick case — the Vicktory dogs — and how we worked as an organization to not only save them, but use their example to negotiate a change in the policy of national agencies with regard to dogs seized from dogfighting busts. As a result of these negotiations, which were led by Julie when she was director of programs and services at Best Friends, the lives of thousands of dogs have been saved and the public perception of pit-bull-terrier-like dogs was changed forever.

The TED slogan is “Ideas Worth Spreading” and I’m not sure I can think of any idea more worth spreading than that.

Please take a few minutes out of your day to listen to this compelling story, and share it with your friends.

Francis Battista