Scruffy dog has trouble walking, lands his perfect home

Sherman the dog wearing an orange bandanna and in a person's lap
Sherman’s foster family couldn’t let him go, so they adopted him and got creative when an old leg injury made it challenging for him to get around.
By Nicole Hamilton

Sherman made friends fast when he arrived at Best Friends in Los Angeles. But he was stressed out after moving from place to place before, so the team set out in search of a foster home where he could relax and his fun personality could really shine.

They didn’t have to look long. As soon as Michelle Pratt, a longtime Best Friends foster volunteer learned about Sherman, she and her husband offered to foster him. The plan was to let the dog stay with them until he was adopted. In the meantime, they’d get to spend some quality time with a super adorable, scruffy pup.

It was a win/win that went wonderfully wrong, or right, depending on how you look at it. You see, Sherman fell head over heels (or perhaps head over tails) for Michelle’s husband, and the feeling was mutual. So, they decided to adopt Sherman, who has some mobility challenges from an old leg injury. Sometimes, he needs a little help getting around, so they invested in a dog stroller and added a mat system in the house.

Today, as evidenced by a tail that seems to never stop wagging, Sherman is one very happy dog. And it’s safe to say his adopters are pretty happy, too.

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