Foster with Best Friends Animal Sanctuary to save the lives of homeless pets 

When you welcome a foster dog or cat into your home — even for just a short time — you become part of the Sanctuary lifesaving team working to create a bright future for homeless pets nationwide. 

At Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, every pet — no matter their past or special needs — gets a second chance. Our dedicated staff and volunteers give them the love and care they need to thrive as they wait for homes of their very own. 

When you decide to foster a dog or cat from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, you not only help prepare that pet for life in their adoptive home, but you also free up space here at our sanctuary for other homeless pets from around the country.  

Whether you’re new to fostering or an old pro, we’ll be here for you and your adorable houseguest every step of the way.   

If you already have a volunteer account with Best Friends, log in to your existing account to sign up to foster. 

To ensure the best possible experience for both you and the foster pet, you’ll need to live within driving distance of Kanab to foster an animal from our sanctuary. If you’re visiting Kanab for a short time, you can get extra one-on-one time with an animal at the Sanctuary by taking a pet on a sleepover or on an outing. 

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What to expect

Fostering is an incredibly fun, fulfilling, and personal way to help save homeless pets in Kanab and the surrounding communities. 

As a foster volunteer, you'll share your home with an adorable cat or dog, giving them the valuable chance to spend time in a home environment as they wait to be adopted. Your fostering stint can vary in length from a few days to several weeks, depending on what’s best for you and your lifestyle. 

Best Friends provides the food, supplies, and veterinary care you’ll need for your foster pet. You’ll also have access to a 24-hour emergency phone line. You can expect to take your foster pet to and from their health appointments (don’t worry — we’ve got their vet bills 100% covered).  

Once you complete your foster application, you’ll attend a 20-minute online orientation where you will watch a short training video and digitally sign accompanying forms.   

After completing the process, you’ll receive an automated email detailing fostering opportunities and sign-up instructions. We'll reach out when we have a foster match for you and arrange a pickup time. Our foster coordinators will meet you at pickup to offer supplies and support. 

If you already have a volunteer account with Best Friends, log in to your existing account to sign up to foster.  

If you’re under the age of 18, you’ll need permission to foster from someone in your household who is over 18 years old. That person should be the one to complete the volunteer profile and orientation. 

For more information, please contact us directly with any questions at or call 435-689-2502. 

What kinds of animals typically need foster homes? 

Dogs and cats of all ages, personality types, and care levels need foster homes. 

Some of the animals most in need of foster homes are those requiring a little extra TLC or training, as well as shy pets who are still learning to trust and feel more comfortable in a new environment.  

We want both pets and people to have a positive fostering experience. That’s why we consider your schedule and lifestyle and strive to match you with a pet who will thrive in your home.  

Please let us know if you have pets at home so that we can ensure the right foster pet for your family.

Cats and kittens 

This year, shelters will receive thousands of kittens (2 months old or younger) who need urgent rescue and care. Kittens are some of the most at-risk pets in shelters because they require intensive around-the-clock care, and many shelters don't have the resources or staff to provide that level of care. 

By fostering kittens, you’ll help save their lives and give them the attention and love they need to thrive before they’re old enough to be adopted. 
We’re also in search of foster homes for adult cats who have special requirements or need a break from the sanctuary setting. Fostering an adult cat means you'll be able to share valuable information about your foster cat's personality, helping to find the right adopter.   

Dogs and puppies

Just like kittens, puppies are some of the most at-risk pets in shelters because they require intensive around-the-clock care. Here at our sanctuary, we almost always have litters of puppies in need of caring foster volunteers like you. By fostering puppies, you’ll be saving their lives and making room for so many other homeless dogs.  

You can also foster an adult dog to give them a taste of home and extra attention to prepare them for adoption. Even just a short time in a foster home can significantly benefit a homeless dog's mental health. 

When you provide a comfortable, temporary home for a homeless dog, you will also be able to provide information about the dog's behavior and personality, which will help them find an adoptive home even sooner.  

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Start fostering to save lives

By temporarily opening your heart and home to a homeless dog or cat, you save lives. 

Lifesaving tales of love and resilience

Meet a few of the amazing animals who’ve found healing and happiness.

Share your home with adorable bundles of love and fuzz