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Ask Governor Pritzker to sign Senate Bill 154 into law.

IL: Help keep pets and families together!

girl with dog in yard

UPDATE: This important bill was signed into law! Thank you to all who took action.


The pandemic has created an economic crisis that puts even more pet owners in the painful position of having to choose between keeping their pet or keeping a roof over their head.

Responsible renters moving into state-financed housing units are being told their well-behaved family pets are not welcome due solely to their size, weight, or breed. Some housing authorities even restrict cats that weigh over 15 pounds.

Nationally, about 15% of the dogs and cats that were surrendered to animal shelters in 2019 were being given up due to housing issues.

Statewide, in that same year, 147,000 dogs and cats entered animal shelters and 11,400 were killed. We should be doing everything we can to keep pets in homes that love them.

Illinois Senate Bill 154 would require property owners who receive state funding for low-income housing to allow tenants to have well-behaved dogs and cats.

TAKE ACTION: Send a message asking Gov. Pritzker to sign SB 154 into law.

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