Help keep pets and families together

Woman and two kids hugging a smiling black and white dog whose tongue is out

Ask your member of Congress to support the Pets Belong with Families Act.

Most Americans view their pets as members of the family — but particular dog breeds are unfairly restricted from public housing, forcing otherwise responsible owners to part with beloved pets.

Public housing authorities currently restrict a variety of popular breeds, such as boxers, German shepherds, Great Danes, American Staffordshire terriers, and any dog that may be a mix thereof.

Breed-specific restrictions target low-income pet owners who should not be forced to choose between a well-behaved pet and keeping a roof over their head.

If enacted, the Pets Belong with Families Act, HR 3989, will prohibit public housing agencies from imposing breed restrictions on household pets owned by residents.

TAKE ACTION: Ask your member of Congress to support and cosponsor HR 3989, the Pets Belong with Families Act.

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