Help keep pets and families together


UPDATE (05/10/23): You did it! Gov. Abbott has signed this legislation into law. Thank you to all who took action!

UPDATE (4/26/23): Good news! This legislation has passed the TX legislature! It's now awaiting the Governor's signature. Send a message now asking Governor Abbott to sign HB1159/SB 349 into law. 

big dog in house

Ask Texas legislators to end breed restrictions in public housing via HB 1159 / SB 349.


Texas Health and Safety Code Sec. 822.047 prohibits local governments from creating dangerous dog laws based on breed, yet public housing authorities are still enforcing outdated breed-based restrictions.

These restrictions keep otherwise beloved pets from staying with their families, and prevent otherwise well-behaved homeless pets from being adopted at Texas shelters.

House Bill 1159 and Senate Bill 349 would require that Texas housing authorities comply with county and/or municipal restrictions on dangerous dogs in accordance with existing state law — making it easier for families to keep their pets and for more dogs to be adopted.

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