New York

NY: Help end breed-restrictive insurance practices

Couple with dog

Close the gap! Urge your governor to sign A9284 into law.

SUCCESS: As of December 15, 2022, this legislation was signed into law by Governor Hochul! 


All dogs are individuals. In fact, there is no scientific evidence to prove that certain breeds or mixes are inherently more dangerous than others.

And yet, responsible pet owners have faced increased homeowners insurance premiums, reduced coverage, or exclusion based solely on what breed their dog appears to be, rather than their dog's actual behavior.

A bill passed last year (S 4254) prohibits insurers from some breed-based practices (e.g., canceling policies or increasing premiums) but it didn't go far enough. New legislation would close the gap, protecting more New York families from arbitrary insurance restrictions.

Assembly Bill 9284 would prohibit insurers from excluding, limiting, restricting or reducing coverage on a homeowner's insurance policy based solely on the breed of dog they own.

TAKE ACTION: Ask Gov. Hochul to sign A 9284 into law. Send a customized message now!

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