Be a hero to a homeless pet.

By providing a short-term foster home you can be a long-term lifesaver.

What does it mean to foster a pet from Best Friends?

To foster means to open your home temporarily to a pet (or pets) and provide love and care while they wait to be adopted. Best Friends provides everything else: support, medical care, food and supplies. You can find more general information about fostering here.

What animals at the Sanctuary typically need foster care?

Several types of adoptable or soon-to-be adoptable Sanctuary pets need foster care for different reasons. Here are some common examples:

  • Mama cats with litters (until the kittens are old enough for adoption)
  • Orphaned kittens (until they are old enough for adoption)
  • Adult cats with special medical needs or behavioral challenges
  • Puppies (until they are old enough for adoption)
  • Adult dogs with special medical needs or behavioral challenges
  • Hospice care pets needing a comfortable place to spend their final days
  • Bunnies
  • Guinea pigs

Why foster?

Fostering helps prepare homeless pets for adoption and sets them up for success in their new homes. And as a bonus, you get to share your home with an adorable bundle of love and fuzz!

Fostering also might give you the opportunity to provide healing care for a sick pet, or to offer comfort during a senior pet’s final days.

How do I get started?

First time volunteers: If this is your first time volunteering with Best Friends Animal Society, you will need to make a volunteer profile and complete our foster orientation.
First time volunteers click here

Previously volunteered (in any capacity, not strictly as a foster): If you have volunteered with Best Friends before and already have a volunteer profile, you can go directly to the foster orientation in the voluteer portal.
Previous volunteers Click here

For more information, email or call 435-689-2502. Foster parents should live within a 45 minute drive of the Sanctuary.

For more information about fostering a homeless pet, watch the video below.