Animal friends at Best Friends

Sunny and Grove the cats lying together and one grooming the head of the other
Friends make everything better, especially when they’re adorable animals.
By Sarah Thornton

Friends come in all shapes, sizes and types, whether they have fur or feathers, two legs or four. It’s always fun to see what friendships blossom between the pets here at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. After all, what could be cuter than a couple of cuddle buddies?

These perch partners and sunbathing snugglers keep us smiling; so, we’re excited to share them with you. And maybe you can be their friend, too. The more, the merrier.

Sunny and Grove

Sunny and Grove are a classic case of an extrovert taking an introvert under his wing (or perhaps paw). Sunny loves being the center of attention and thinks every visitor is a potential new friend. Grove, on the other hand, is more shy and takes a while to warm up to people; though, when she does, she loves a good behind-the-ear scratch just as much as the next kitty.

Both cats have plenty of friends among their roommates, but more often than not, you can find these two curled up together, soaking up the warmth in the sunniest spot on the catio. It’s hard work spending all afternoon napping and grooming each other, but someone’s got to do it.

Beau and Rio

Beau and Rio met around a decade ago after Beau retired from the entertainment industry, and they’ve been together ever since. They didn’t have much interaction with people for the 10 years they were in a home, so when they arrived at the Sanctuary, they weren’t really sure what to make of all the new people around. But they still had each other for comfort.

With time, they’ve become more used to their human caregivers and visitors. And while they are still unsure about being handled, for now they’re quite content keeping one another entertained.

Pumpkin and Ironhide

Sometimes friendships happen when you least expect them. Pumpkin has always been an independent cat. He enjoys spending time with his human friends, but other felines were never really his cup of catnip and he certainly never wanted a roommate. When he met Ironhide, though, he made an exception.

While they might not have become snuggly buddies, Pumpkin and Ironhide formed a comfortable companionship living in an office together, sitting in on conference calls and taking their lunches side by side. Pumpkin doesn’t mind once again having his space to himself, now that Ironhide has been adopted. But after making his first friend, it might come a little easier next time.

Willy, Kingston and Adored

Some cats are very particular about their feline friends and some are absolute social butterflies. Willy belongs to the latter group. This sweet senior is friends with every single one of his roommates and he’s never far from a cuddle pile. No one is immune to his charms. It looks like, this time, Kingston and Adored have called dibs on his attention.

Lilo and Stitch

With matching names like Lilo and Stitch, you know you’ve got a real dynamic duo on your hands. There are no spacey shenanigans here, though. (At least, we don’t think so.) They are just two sweet bunnies who love people almost as much as they love each other. And much like their animated namesakes, Lilo and Stitch (now that they’ve been adopted) are learning the meaning of having a family of their own.