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Urge your state legislators to support Iowa bill SF 143.

IA: Help end dog breed discrimination in Iowa

american bulldog mix

Currently, local governments in Iowa can infringe on the rights of responsible pet owners by banning or restricting any breed of dog they choose — at any time.

We all want safe and humane communities, but targeting breeds is the wrong approach. What's needed is consistent breed-neutral dog laws that focus on the behavior of the dog and the behavior of the owner.

Dangerous dogs and reckless owners should be held accountable, regardless of breed. The American Bar Association, the National Animal Control Association, and the American Veterinary Medical Association all agree. 

Iowa Senate File 143 has been introduced to ensure dangerous dog laws take the most effective approach. This legislation will prohibit breed discrimination by municipalities and protect the responsible pet owner's right to adopt, own, and care for the dog(s) of their choice.

TAKE ACTION: Please contact your state legislators today and urge them to support SF 143.

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