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Urge your state senator to support Louisiana House Bill 231.

LA: Give survivors of dog fighting a second chance

rehabilitated former Michael Vick dog Cherry being pet

All dogs are individuals. Your help is needed to repeal an outdated provision in Louisiana law that leads to puppies and dogs seized from dog fighting being killed.

Current law requires the label of "contraband" for any dog seized in animal fighting. That means these abused dogs and puppies can be killed, without being given any chance to be evaluated or rehabilitated. Shelters are currently given no opportunity to decide whether these survivors pose an actual risk to public safety.
It doesn't matter if the animal is an eight-week-old puppy, a 'bait' dog, a stolen pet, a breeding mother, or simply a dog that would otherwise thrive in a loving home. The "contraband" declaration is all too often an immediate death sentence.

Survivors of dog fighting deserve better - they deserve a chance to be evaluated as the individuals they are.
TAKE ACTION: Urge your senator to support Louisiana House Bill 231 now. 

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