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Updated 3/16: Ask your Illinois legislators to vote YES on House Bill 1049.

IL: Help end breed-restrictive insurance practices

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UPDATE: On March 23, 2023, HB 1049 passed the Illinois House! Now it needs to pass the Senate Insurance Committee by April 28. Even if you've taken action before, please send a new message urging your member of the Illinois Senate to vote YES.


Currently, insurance companies can cancel, refuse to renew, or completely deny homeowners/renters coverage based solely on the breed or mix of dog owned by a customer.

House Bill 1049 (aka the Dog Breed Insurance Underwriting Protection Act) would protect Illinois pet owners from these breed-discriminatory insurance practices.

Nevada, Arizona, and New York have all recently enacted laws preventing such discrimination in the insurance market. It's time for Illinois to do the same.

TAKE ACTION: Ask your senator to vote YES on HB 1049. 

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