Keeping Pets With Their Families

People love their pets and consider them to be a part of the family. In fact, two-thirds of American households include at least one cat or dog, which makes having a pet-friendly place to call home essential for most Americans.

Given the huge demand, one might think there would be enough pet-friendly housing for renters. Unfortunately, housing-related issues are the second most common reason that families surrender a pet to an animal shelter.

Housing that is truly "pet-friendly" is rare

Many rental and government-subsidized housing make it difficult to own a pet. Even properties that are “pet-friendly” might have pet weight limits, such as “no dogs over 25 lbs” or breed restrictions. When families are forced to choose between securing a place to live and keeping their family pets, they may see surrender as a last resort.

Affordable, accessible pet-friendly housing

Every day, more than 1,700 cats and dogs are unnecessarily killed in America's shelters, simply because they don't have a home. That number should be zero, and it can be, if we can expand affordable, accessible pet-friendly housing, and access to affordable veterinary care.

Need more information?

If you need more assistance, Best Friends has put together a library of resources to help pet owners.