Get ’em Home:
Featured Pets from Network Partners

Some dogs and cats could use a little extra help finding the ideal home, and they're counting on us all to spread the word. Check out these profiles of pets* from around the country, send them to family and friends in the area, and spread the word on social media. You may even stumble upon the perfect pet for you!

*All pet information is based solely on what's been provided by their shelter or rescue group, and hasn't been independently verified by Best Friends. Please use their contact information to reach out and learn more about these wonderful animals! Thank you for helping them find homes.

Adopt Pookie

Tyson’s Place Animal Rescue
Jamestown, Michigan
Contact: or 616-730-1122

After 16 years together, Pookie’s devoted person became ill and could no longer care for her. So Pookie, a healthy and affectionate senior, finds herself hoping for a quiet new home where she’ll once again be cherished and adored as the only cat. If soft and sweet is just your speed, come say hello to Pookie today.

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Adopt Foxy

Providence Animal Center
Media, Pennsylvania
Contact: or 610-566-1370

With her soulful eyes and bashful demeanor, there’s no hiding Foxy’s tender side. She’s most comfortable among the familiar and is looking for a patient person who will encourage her to explore the world at her own pace. She has adored — and played beautifully with — other pups she’s met, and would love a home where she can pal around with a friendly canine sibling. Check out Foxy’s video.

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Adopt Nicholas

Arizona Paws and Claws
Mesa, Arizona
Contact: or 623-330-6254

If outdoor fun is your jam, butter up to Nicholas, also known as Mr. Enthusiastic. This big goofy four-year-old loves to be active, both mentally and physically, and has proven to be an eager student when it comes to training. He’s hoping for a home where he can be a constant and willing companion to humans as devoted to him as he is to them.

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Adopt Marshmallow

Peace of Mind Dog Rescue
Monterey, California
Contact: or 831-601-4253

Even sweeter than she looks, Marshmallow is happiest when she’s melting into your lap. She adores the company of humans and will fit right into a home where tenderness is treasured and affection reigns. At nine years old, she has limited mobility, but her heart is ever full. And any medical expenses for Marshmallow will be covered by Peace of Mind Dog Rescue.

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Adopt Lilly

Chesapeake Cats and Dogs
Queenstown, Maryland
Contact: or 410-643-9955

Life according to Lilly? Belly rubs, basking in the sun, and plenty of time with one’s favorite people make for the perfect existence. A gorgeous tortoiseshell, Lilly has provided faithful friendship to humans and felines alike. A sure sign she’s smitten is she poofs up her tail in delight. Think yours might be the perfect home for Lilly? Come meet this cutie today.

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Adopt Yolo

AZ Paws & Claws
Mesa, Arizona
Contact: or 623-330-6254

Yolo seems to know you only live once. He’s a fun-loving optimistic type with a cheerful disposition and friendly, “let’s be pals” attitude. Among his favorite things: walks, fetch and affection. Meeting new people — and then milking them for a belly rub or two — is all in a day’s work for this sweet and charming gentleman.

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Adopt Willy and Wally

Ontario Feral Cat Project
Ontario, Oregon
Contact: or 541-212-1028

We double-cat dare you to come up with anything cuter than this adorably bonded pair. Brothers Willy and Wally seek out fun wherever they wander, whether it’s bird-watching from the window or coaxing their favorite people to play. Both have kidney disease and are hoping for a home together where they can delight and entertain their new loving family.

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Adopt Rosa

City of Mesquite Animal Shelter
Mesquite, Nevada
Contact: or 702-346-5268

As if her markings weren’t enchanting enough, Rosa’s sweetness and spunk make it extra easy to fall in love. Among her many charms are coming to you when called and carrying her favorite toys around in her mouth. She arrived at the shelter with her pal Joey, and still dotes on him with sisterly affection. Intrigued? Come meet Rosa today.

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Adopt Joey

City of Mesquite Animal Shelter
Mesquite, Nevada
Contact: or 702-346-5268

Don’t be fooled by his sleek and shiny appearance. Joey is a gentle, down-to-earth sort who relishes the simple things: toys, tunnels and time with his pal Rosa. The two arrived at the shelter together and Joey still loves to groom and play with her. Sound like the right match for your family? Come meet Joey today.

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Adopt Bea

Brown County Humane Society
Nashville, Indiana
Contact: or 812-988-7362

In search of a sidekick? Bea’s been practicing to be your right-hand cat. She has mastered the art of lap-lounging and has proven to be a proficient shoulder sitter. Needy? Never. This sassy sweetheart will make it quite clear when she’s had enough affection … and then kindly let you know when she’s ready for more. Check out video of beautiful Bea.

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Adopt Super

Yavapai Humane Society
Prescott, Arizona
Contact: or 928-227-0806

He loves belly rubs and getting brushed, but most of all, Super adores people. A happy, healthy fella who’s eager to please, Super would love to show you how well he walks on leash. He’d also like to demonstrate his perpetual wag and a smile that just won’t quit. Sweet Super is hoping for a home where he’ll be loved and cherished as the only pet.

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