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Featured Pets from Network Partners

Some dogs and cats could use a little extra help finding the ideal home, and they're counting on us all to spread the word. Check out these profiles of pets* from around the country, send them to family and friends in the area, and spread the word on social media. You may even stumble upon the perfect pet for you!

*All pet information is based solely on what's been provided by their shelter or rescue group, and hasn't been independently verified by Best Friends. Please use their contact information to reach out and learn more about these wonderful animals! Thank you for helping them find homes.

Adopt Vera

Fort Collins Cat Rescue & Spay/Neuter Clinic
Fort Collins, Colorado
Contact: or 970-484-8516

We’re not sure this little puff has a clue how incredibly cute she is, but here’s what we do know: Vera is a true “people feline” who relishes attention from her favorite humans. She likes to call the shots (she’s a cat, after all) but also loves to play and snuggle. Vera is FeLV-positive; she’ll thrive as an indoor-only cat in a home where the other cats are also FeLV-positive.

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Adopt Charity

Upper Valley Humane Society
Enfield, New Hampshire
Contact: or 603-448-6888

A very different fate nearly awaited charming Charity. This sweet snuggle-bug was rescued from a meat farm in South Korea and has never even lived in a home before. Today, she’s hoping to find a family who will provide love and security forever. She absolutely adores people, especially all the belly rubs and affection, and will thrive in a home where she’s the only pet.

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Adopt Queenie

Lost Our Home Pet Rescue
Tempe, Arizona
Contact: or 602-445-7389

Part laid-back love-bug, part avid explorer, genial Queenie finds the good times wherever she goes. She’s never troubled about being completely blind — and has no idea how truly adorable she is. Her caregivers report that she enjoys mingling with other dogs, but not in her home, so she’s looking for a permanent spot where she will be the beloved one and only. Check out this video of Queenie in action!

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Adopt Precious

Yavapai Humane Society
Prescott, Arizona
Contact: or 310-853-0757

With eyes that could stop a clock and a spirit that’s even lovelier, Precious is pretty much sunshine incarnate. She’s game for anything outdoors — hiking, swimming, you name it — but is equally appreciative of love and belly rubs. Uber-friendly and eager to please, beautiful Precious is a serious gem. Check out this video of Precious in action!

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