Male Donkey/Mule named Jake available for adoption

Adoptable Male Donkey/Mule
Adoptable Male Donkey/Mule
Adoptable Male Donkey/Mule
Adoptable Male Donkey/Mule


Looks Like: Donkey/Mule
Age: Adult
Color: Brown
Sex: Male

Special Criteria
Sanctuary Visit Required

Jake (better known around here as 'Jake T. Mule') is a handsome bay mule who was born in 2005. He is a very athletic and well-built guy who stands at about 15 hands. He is quite a character, as many mules are, and is very smart and lots of fun. He went through several homes and the auction before he came to us and has enough baggage that we felt it was better not to ride him. He can be friendly once he gets to know you, but he needs an expert handler who knows how to read his body language. He has great horse skills! He's a handy pasture pal to have around because we know we can put him with any horse who is challenging to pair up as he is guaranteed to get along great with anyone. He's playful and appreciates having lots of room to run. If you think you have the ability and personality to mesh with this cool but complicated guy, please contact us for more information about adoption.